Script for setting a background image on Discord

  1. Pick a background image
  2. Upload it to either Discord or Imgur
  3. Copy the direct link to the image
  4. Replace {image} in the script below, with your link img="{image}",document.getElementsByTagName("body")[0].addEventListener("mouseup",()=>{window.setTimeout(()=>{for(opening=document.querySelector('section[aria-label="Channel header"] ~ div'),opening.setAttribute("style","background-image: url("+img+"); background-size: cover;"),i=0;i<4;i++)opening.firstElementChild.className.includes("newMessagesBar")?opening=opening.childNodes[1]:opening=opening.childNodes[0],opening.setAttribute("style","background-color: transparent")},0)});
  5. Open the console in the chrome inspector
  6. Run the script
  7. The background image will stay until you reload your browser or client

Downloading images of the sticker store or sticker archive

For console (only works with sticker store)

  1. Open the page with the sticker package you wish to download e.g. this page
  2. Copy and paste the following script, then run it with enter
    function goTo(e){element=document.createElement("a"),element.setAttribute("href",e),"none",document.body.appendChild(element),}for(child of(urls="",children=document.getElementsByClassName("FnStickerList")[0].children,children))bgStyle=child.getElementsByClassName("FnPreview")[0].style.backgroundImage,url=/sticker\/(.*)\/android/.exec(bgStyle)[1],urls=urls+url+"_";urls=urls.slice(0,-1),console.log(urls),goTo(""+urls);
  3. You'll be taken to a new page, with an "404" error
  4. Open the console again and run function download(e,t){element=document.createElement("a"),element.setAttribute("href",t),element.setAttribute("download",e),"none",document.body.appendChild(element),,document.body.removeChild(element)}function loop(){setTimeout(()=>{download("sticker"+counter,""+images[counter]+"/android/sticker.png"),counter++,counter<images.length?loop():(console.log("Success"),counter=0)},100)}counter=0,images=/\?images=(.*)/.exec(window.location.href)[1].split("_"),counter=0,loop();
  5. The stickers will download

For Tampermonkey (works with archive too)

  1. Add the following script
  2. Navigate to a sticker pack on either the sticker store or sticker archive
  3. Open the context menu then navigate to and click on: Tampermonkey > Download Sticker
  4. A zip file with all the stickers will download

Autoliker - Likes every post on a Facebook, LinkedIn or another page (Tampermonkey)


  1. Add the following script
  2. Open the context menu then navigate to and click on: Tampermonkey > Init/Start/Stop Autoliker
  3. First time you click it, it will initialize. The autoliker won't start, but you'll have access to it, in the console
  4. If you're on FB or LinkedIn you don't need to adjust it and can continue on with the next step
  5. Click on Init/Start/Stop Autoliker once again to start it
  6. Once the autoliker is running, pleas don't use the tab
  7. Click a third time to stop it


  1. Start the script with
  2. Stop the script with
  3. If the script is restarted, it will pick up where it left of. Sometimes it is nessecary to reset the script e.g. when moving to a new page. Reset with
  4. Adjust how fast the script likes posts, in ms (default is 1000ms)
    autoLiker.timeOut =

Advanced usage

Prerequisites - knowlegde of CSS and HTML
The autoliker works by finding all the html nodes/elements that match a specific CSS query, and then clicking on them
When the autoliker is started on either FB or LinkedIn, this query is set automatically. It can also bet set manually with:
autoLiker.query =
There can be good reasons to set it manually, such as: The built in automatic querys are:


These scripts quickly break, if the websites are changed the slightest, so please let me know if any of them don't seem to be working. The discord and FB scripts are against TOS.