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The token you receive from Connecty is your key to the connection. While it's only possible for administrators in your server to start or attach new connections, anyone with your token, will be able to modify your existing connections. You should therefore always keep your tokens secret. Connecty will only, unless you specify otherwise, send tokens to your DM. If you really wish to get the token in the same channel, then some commands support the "nodm" parameter. Only use this parameter in "secure" channels e.g. channels that can only be viewed by those you trust. In this section I'll show how a few common tasks can be done securely.

Note: Sometimes it's easier to simply make the channel secure, while modifying the connection, instead of modifying it from another channel (using the token). This can for example be done, by changing the permission of the channel and then deleting all sensitive messages before opening up again.

Modifying an existing connection

Customizing an existing connection from a channel, which only has one connection, is simple. Just use the appropriate commands without giving the token. If the the channel has multiple connections, you'll need to give a token, so that Connecty knows what channel to modify. In this case it is best use the command in a secure channel. Since you're giving the token, the secure channel, can be any channel that connecty has access to. Note that you still need to be administrator in the server. However, Connecty doesn't care if this server has anything to do with the connection. Therefore if you don't have access to a secure channel, in the server the connection is in, simply create a new server, invite connecty, and use that.